Thursday, December 24, 2009

Uncle's 70th birthday dinner at The Banquet

I was invited to my uncle's 70th birthday dinner last night at The Banquet.

My mum was so happy, as she rarely has the chance to meet all the brothers, as some of them staying abroad. Some stays in Hong Kong, some stays in Canada, and some in ulu ulu... hehe!

As you can imagine, the elderly were all busy chatting about their past, whereas, we...the younger group trying so hard to snap as many beautiful pics as we can... hahaha! Since, we seldom got the chance to meet each other mah...

Merry X'mas

Merry merry christmas to all of you, who comes visit my blog..

I'll be celebrating X'mas and countdown with my adorable colleagues at our office. We'll be having potluck and gift exchange, of course maybe some card games or etc.

Will updates our photos if there is any interesting 1.. Merry merry christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dine at Soulis

Was invited to dinner at Soulis, France Restaurant last nite. Never know that there is such a high class restaurant at downtown Kuching here boh! Maybe, me too sakai lah!

It was such a pleasant dinner experience, the waitress and chef treated us like we are the Royal Highness... I thought it only show in the movie... Walau! It's real woh! Aiyoh! I nearly forgot wat's my surname already lah! haha! As long as I'm not the one who foot the bill lah!!! So bad me ah!

Here are some partial photos I taken, missed out some of the dishes... sorry lah! when i see the dish ah, totally forgotten wanna take photo already... can't wait to swallow everything in liao!

All their plates, cutlery, table napkin and bla bla... all printed with the name SOULIS... wow! Imagine how much $$$ they dumb in for the business...

DNA office warming

I was busy for the passed weeks for our office warming on 18 December 2009, such a memorable nite, Finally, its all over!!!! but, we really enjoyed ourselves eating, chatting, joking, playing games and bla bla bla..

Laughed like there is no tomorrow!!! hehe!

Here are some interesting and craziest photos we took during the nite.. totally forgetting our reputation already... *_*

Our 1 and only English trainee here from England...

Our weirdo hangover, losing continuously on 1 of the game... kena punished... haha!

Our unique pose welcoming guest... *_^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My office!!

We finally moved to our newly refurbished office, it's more like a home to us… We have flat screen TV in our living room, dining room, library area, bbq pit and courtyard... Envy leh!!! Hehe!!! Will follow up with some fantastic photos after our office warming on 18 December 2009 ya.

A new task for me again… cracking my head for the ordering of food, rsvp.. blab blab blab!!!!!

Since, Christmas is around the corner, we are so in the mood to decorate our 1st ever x’mas tree for our office.

Oh ya!!! Did uou realise that I cut short my hair again... shorter and shorter... (Suit me or not ^_*)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday dinner

Sorry sorry ya... I know I have not been updating my blog for quite sometimes...

I just joined my current firm 2 months ago, and was busy busy shifting to new locality.

I loves my current job, it makes me really occupy and busy... life is so meaningful to me now...

This photo was taken during my birthday last 2 weeks, thanks to all my friends, who celebrated my birthday for me... We had an enjoyable dinner, filled with laughter and joy... They even wrote me a poem, which really touches my heart... I'll scan the letter and blog it next round ya...I have also received a set of perfume from them... Thanks, friend ya... know that I always wanna be smell nice... hehe!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clubbing again!!!

Recently, I'm in love with clubbing... almost every weekend... Ya ya ya! I know it's very damaging... I'm trying my best to minimize it dy....

Monday, October 12, 2009


I met my ex-bf at my office area, I was walking to have my lunch at the coffee shop downstair... from far, I actually can sensed his existence... and I really met him...

I think he actually saw me from far, as when I sees him, he is actually staring at me... That sudden, I was wondering whether should I walk forward or backward?? My heart starts pumping fast, all of a sudden, I feel dizzy... nearly fainted... but, I keep reminding myself, I must walk past him with glory and pride...

His sparkling smile stalked me... damn! I cry again...

No doubt... I still love him.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I finally went to register a new hp line, from now onwards, cannot simply make uneccessary phone calls... gotta shell out for my own phone bill expenses mah.. thrifty thrifty thrifty!!!!

I met my ex-bf yesterday afternoon, he came to collect his CCTV board, eventually, I returned him the whole set of computer.

He looks so skinny, tanned and aged nowadays, he's not as striking and sparkling as before... I feel the sting... damn! silly, right!

He pronounced that I slim down too much, advised me to gain some weight... Hello! Didn't he realise that he's the one who makes me this thin??? well, no point for the blame anymore...

I insisted to pass him back the simcard... he accepted grudgingly. I greeted him goodbye and wishes him all the best in the future...

Goodbye to the only man I love so deeply in my life... Goodbye all the bare promises... He taught me love, and he taught me how brutal can love be...

I walked off gracefully without even turns back to have a last glance on him... though I still love him deeply.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A stanch decision!!!

I finally decided to change my mobile number.

My current mobile number is subsidizing by my ex-bf, you might think that he’s very kind heartened, broke off already, still grant me this privilege.

I should have surrender this number, ever since we broke off, but… silly me still wish that he’ll return one day, still wish to keep this link, so that he can locate me anytime he wish.

In the other hand, he actually can track my location by friend finders.

However, I knew... if I dun renounce, I’ll forever be the same ME… the sadness will enormously gonna stalk me for era...

That’s the last link I had with him… Goodbye my love... Thanks for all the sweetest memories, cares, love and patience. Good bye… the bare promises…

Monday, September 28, 2009

An eventful saturday

I went for hair rebond on Saturday morning, it takes me nearly 4hrs for the whole process, and I have to go through this dilemma, once in every 4 months. . I am actually so sick of it… (*cry*) as, I’m born with natural curl and jumbled hair…. So envy those friends of mine, who has got natural smooth, straight and manageable hair lah… Every morning, I have to spend so much time to manage my crown…

Later in the afternoon, I was invited by June to her hari raya open house… craving for rendang, curry and masak merah since days ago... but, she serves western food woh! Salad & spaghetti… dun care liao! Also gulp all lah, so damn hungry already! I finished 2 bowls of salad and 1 serving of spaghetti. After that, went home to recharge for my night event… clubbing!!!!

I went to T1 with Justina, she volunteered to drives me… she commented that she noticed even during normal days, I drive like a mad dog, what to say if I’m drunk… hehe! Aiyoh! No matter how drunk I’m, I will still drive home safely lah, friend!.. Ok lah! Since she so sincere, I’ll let her drive me loh... hehe!

My hairdresser friends, Eric & Joseph also came to join us… never even warm up yet ah, right away ordered 6 jugs of beer, equivalent to 24 tins… walau! Really can drink ah…

I met my another group of friends there too, who are all social drinker… they gave me a glass of johnie walker… without hesitation, of course, I yamsen with them lah…

When, I wake up the next day… I really feel like dying… dizzy, feels like my head gonna crack… caused by the liquor, I think… I should not have drink beer and liquor at the same time… damn me!!!

I joined Joseph for breakfast, then went home to nap again, luckily I feel much better after that.

At around evening time, I force myself to go for a round of gym to sweat… to pass out all the toxic I imbibe… Thanks goodness, I managed to sweat…

It’s Monday again… another 5 days of work…

Friday, September 25, 2009

Single or attached?

I heard from radio mix myfm this morning, discussing on whether you prefer to be single or attached?

Most of the women who called in, prefers to be attached, they feels that being single is too lonely... no one's to care, no one's to discuss with, no one's to share their sorrow, no one's to talk to, no one's to share their piece of cakes, no shoulder to cry on......

For me, sometimes, I think I rather be single lah... Its really not an easy task to maintain a relationship.

Just imagine... 2 different species from 2 different planet.....

How about u?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too much drinksss

As per my friend's request, I hereby posted my ghastly drunk looks photos... everybody were so damn high that nite...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild wild group clubbing!!!

Went for clubbing with colleagues and friends at Terminal 1 on last friday... we had a great great time, drinking, dancing, gossiping and laughing....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh my goodness...

Geram..... I dreamt of my ex-bf again last nite... makes me mentally and physically so restless...

I dreamt that he brought me to a resort... (our best ever memories was at the resort)

We strolled at the beach, he hold my hands so tightly that he promised that he'll never let go of my hands again, begging me to give him a last chance.... of course, I feel so insecure lah, as he has abandoned me before mah... moreover, I still hasn't recover from the pain that he caused previously..

He brought me to the same seafood restaurant that we used to visit, finally... stoopit me.. really gave him a chance boh... then u know lah... wah! so loving loh, lying on his shoulder.... all the sweet talk lah..then, middle of the dinner, he suddenly disappear.... I tried to call him, but seems like I couldn't recall his mobile number anymore, I can't even find his record in my phone directory too... at the end, he appear, he told me that he decided to leave me again... shit shit shit..

I told him, this time I sure die... so damn heartache..

Then, alarm ring, time to wake up to work... shit!

So damn tired, dragging my feet to office tis morning, so damn restless, like running for thousand miles chasing after my ex-bf... damn!!!

Ever since, he ring me on the phone... I become so mentally unstable... LOVE KILLS!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ex -bf called!!!!!

My ex-bf suddenly call me yesterday afternoon... He never call me since couple of months ago.

He asked me about the location of the lawyer firm, which he used to send me before, it sounds weird, right?

What's his intention actually? wanna hear my voice? or heard about the news that I went clubbing and intentionally wanna call and check if I feel guilty towards him?

I finally stepped out and fly, why did he appear in my mind again...

I am struggling now, whether to change my mobile number, so that he will not be able to reach me anymore.. I want him totally out from my mind... such a heartless man!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A wild nite out

I finally decided to moved on... step out and enjoy my life to the fullest.

It was such a fruitful nite out... I had dinner with Emily, June & hubby, thereafter, detoured to join my group of friends at Isabella for some card games and drinks, we left around 11pm, as majority of them are Cinderella...hehe!

Thereafter, Me & Emily went to Terminal 1 to meet my another group of clubbing friends. We had a really great time. The most fabulous part was... Our eyes keep focusing on the handsome DJ at the mezzanine floor... wow! he is really really cool lah.. we almost drool loh! *blush*

Looking forward to this long weekend holiday... Me & my colleagues wanna club till our pant drop...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A close friend of mine called me last nite, says that she and her husband came into deal for divorce, due to lack of trust and communication.

She tried her best to cope and compromise him, but he never appreciate and ignore her totally, doesn't even bother to have a glance on her, sort of cold treatment, right!

Sometimes, I think... we women are so pitiful...

An advise from June, women must have pride... no compromising nor sacrifice... which I think is quite true...

As I mentioned in my previous post, declaring that I am still shadowing by my ex-bf's spell...

I told both my friends, Eric & June that I wanna be faithful to my ex-bf for the rest of my life, until I'm 6ft under... they think I am silly and stoopit... they says that eventually that man already screwing the whole world, yet I still wanna be faithful to him... hahaha!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New job!

I just join an architect firm this beginning of the month, and it keeps me super super busy and occupy, but I love the job, as I find I can maximize my potential again, and I can go further with my strength and capabilities.. Also at the same time, there are no more obligation, as I am back to single now....hehe! Of course, I still love the feeling of being taking care of lah! Sounds like shouted out to the public.... I am waiting to be woo ya~ haha!

The photo was taken in my current office, looks messy at the background ya.. It's b'cos, we are in the midst of sorting and packing. Hurray! We'll be moving to our new office sometimes around middle or end of this month, it would be a super cool and nice office, we'll have fish pond, pet's house, private bar.. it's actually a bungalow... I'm anxiously looking forward to...

Will paste up the photos of my new office, after we shifted over end of this month.. so, stay tune! ^_^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oreo Muffin

So great, its school holiday now, I can sleep late.. wake up late... time for baking.... hurray!

I got this recipe from a friend of mine, Karen. I falled in love with it, when she passed me some to try. She says that I'm the only weird 1 to have love this oreo muffin... yamah! b'cos, I'm special mah! (Vormit!) hehe!

I love it, when it's fresh from oven... yummy~ yummy~

Monday, August 24, 2009


Mabel, me and mola met up for lunch last friday, we are ex-colleagues, known each other for 12 years, until today our relationship still go strong, still contacting each other, teasing each other, gasak each other... thats what real friends are for, right! hehe! We enjoyed a great great lunch at Planet Sambal, Padungan. Bill insisted to food by our dear rich taukeneo, Mabel.. hehe! I told her, should have it at Hilton Hotel mah, the most expensive 1.

Mola is the youngest among us, she has a very warm heart, always willing to accommodate what people request... everything also ok! She's always there to listen to my sorrow, she even cried with me, when I am sad... nothing can express how grateful I am to have her as my friend. I love u, momo! ^_^ I promised, I'll always be there too for you, when you needs me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The most scenic moment

Recently, I love to take photo on myself... to retain the most scenic moment mah... getting older day by day... if not now, then when? aged 50, 60...ah! by that time, gotta use a lot of photoshop loh ^_^

Some of my friends asked me, if i have done photoshop on the photos.... huh! really look so different from the real person meh? (cry!!!)

For your info, I just taken my above photos yesterday lah! dun puzzle, not 10 years back 1 lah *_* I swear!!!! ~_~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a bad day!

I bumped into my ex mother in law at Kenyalang market this morning.. it was like bumping into horrible ghost at 12 midnite. I was having my breakfast with friends at 2nd floor food stall. I think she must have saw me first before I saw her lah... She intentionally stand behind me and shouted at dunno who... then, when i turn around... oh my! shit! Its her... my friends were also shocked to see her, as she has such a heavy make up... super red blusher, blue eyes shadow and super super red lip... she's damn proud of herself 1, u know! She remark herself that she has got the most translucent complexion.

I really can't forget how she tortured and humiliated me during my past 11 years marriage. She makes me knee down on the floor to wash her clothing, while I am 6-7 months pregnant. She makes me wash her soiled panties, sometimes, even with shit and urine... U know! as daughter in law, I never deserve to have the share for the chicken thigh or good food. It's only reserve for the emperor and queen in the family... Whenever I am out dining with friends, by any chance there is fried chicken wing, I will start puzzling whether can i take the wing or not? My past still shadowing me...

The most unbearable memory is... she loves to sprinkle salt and vinegar to taunt the son to whack me... She claimed that during her times, her mother in law can have the authority to smack their daughter in law, if they dun take instruction correctly... TRY ME LAH! shit!

Believe it or not? my ex-husband never subsidize me even a single cent for household nor milk powder for our kids. Moreover, I am requested to buy grocery every beginning of the month, the reason is, I am staying under their bloody roof...

Every saturday, I even have to cook for all the brothers, sisters, brother in law, sister in law, cat & dog, around 18 of them. U know, they never willing to come a bit early to help up... always come right on the dot, sometimes, even while I still cooking, they already sit their butt down and enjoying the meal, I feel myself like an Indonesian housemaid... After they finished their meal, they will normally just lift their butt and move to the living room, while I have to do the cleaning and washing.

When i think of my past, I really sallute myself for been able to go through the harsh pace...

I managed to divorce him with a help from a closed friend. (Thanks, TP... I'm grateful) We have joint custody over the 2 kids, but... wat's the different, kids are always under my full care... he is fully occupied for his own wild nite life...

So, ladies... think, observe, see, feel, sense the man, before you marry them... of course, not everyone of them are evil, but prevention is better than treatment, right! Maybe, I'm the only unlucky 1.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

arbitrary updates

I have been quite busy lately, typically because.. I'll be leaving this job.

I feel a bit sorry that I abruptly leave this job, out of guilt, I facilitate my boss to shortlist and interview the suited candidates to fill my post.

This is the first time in my life, I carry myself as an interviewer. Aiyoh! Its not easy at all to interview people too ya. You have to be more firm than them, gotta have lots of lots of creative ideal questions to ask...

Maybe, I fret too much for the next person who's gonna take over me... Will she be able to cope and handle whatever situation? Though, I know it's not my ultimate responsibilities...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Insurance gang

These are my insurance gang, from left is Emily (sweet single & available!), Uncle Eric (jokey! ^_^), June(superwoman!) and ME!

This photos was taken on the creepy nite out drinking session at June's mansion... which later makes chicken ME, mag and peggy flew home like thunder... after listened to the ghost June.

Recent progress

I wish I can have more than 24hrs a day now, life become more meaningful and interesting recently, out of sticking my butt here in the office for 8hrs, I also attend my insurance training course at least 2 times a week, coach by my insurance manager at her mansion.

Previously, I was pretty forbia towards insurance agent, I think they are monster.. haha! but, after the courses, and the incident happened to my dad, I realised it is so vital to have a insurance coverage.

Take my daddy's incident as an example, merely because, we couldn't afford to bear the sky high medical cost at the specialist, we send daddy to general hospital and they kept him waited for 5 hours. Their fantastic excuse is... he is just a semi-urgent case... Stroke due to rupture of vessels at the brain is considering semi-urgent case??? then what is top-urgent case... dying??

If daddy would had bought a medical card at the earlier time, he might not obtain such a big impact on his health now...

Currently, me and my sister have to bear the overall family expenditures, of course, we don't mind, but we have limit capability too, we have our own family to support mah...

My dad is a very dutiful man, he passed his every single earned cents to my mum, but my mum had a very wrong concept... she thinks life is short, end of the world is coming, no point for saving... I don't mean to criticize my mum here, but... its really b'cos of her wrong concept, she leave us daughters in the deep shit now... of course, every month, we do contribute for the household, but now, we have to contribute double...

By that, I realise it's so important to purchase an insurance policy, either saving, hospitalization, critical illness or total permanent disable plan. I don't want my kids to suffer over my medical fee, nursing fee nor cremation fee...

I rather strink on my uneeded expenses, to pay for my insurance, which will gonna benefit me or my kids, with just a premium as low as RM8 a day.

At least today, I'm sure, if anything gonna happen to me, my kids will not ended up under the bridge... with the compensation, they can be well taking care of until age 18.

Insurance agents nowadays are not like old days, they have to attend courses, pass their examination, in order to have their individual license to sell.

I have passed my exam for life and general ^_^, but got another investment link 1 to take...gotta stick my face and stuck my head on the book again...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving on.....

I finally made up my mind to move on, after sticking my butt here for almost 2 years.

My current job here is actually not too bad, all my friends so envy me that I have a cosy office of my own and yet not much work to do. The main issue is, I hardly got the chance to ultilise my brain.

I think life should be full of challenge and enthusiasm, we should able to maximize our potential.

I am looking forward to my new job, new environment, new group of friends, new colleagues, new job scope, new responsibilities... I love the feeling of achievement...

Instead of kuku here alone 8 hours a day...(Brain dead!)

Wish me good luck ya, friend!

Kinder Bueno

I never fancy on tit-bit....but, recently ah... Madly in love with this Kinder Bueno chocolate... somemore, not cheap lah, selling at RM3.50/packet.

My uncle from miri lah, the culprit... he came last month to visit my dad, then bought me a dozen of this kinder Bueno from Ta Kiong Supermarket, The Spring... Never try never know, sekali try.. die hard.. everyday got the urge wanna eat it! Haha! Thx, Uncle! for bringing love to my life ^_*

Ladies and gentlemen out there, must try... Its really really nice lah.

Friday, July 31, 2009

My 1st awards

I received my 1st awards from Josephine at .Thank you so much, dear ^_^

According to Jo, to accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award with his/her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've discovered and think are marvellous! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been selected for this awards. (Thx for the info, Jo)

I wish to pass these awards on to :-
Jerry Kiat

H1N1 disaster

Just being told last nite by my ex-husband that my son are forbid to attend to school for a week, he has to quarantine himself at home...I was only been informed around 8pm+, which makes me really really mad... as I was suppose to pick him back from tuition centre at 9pm, and I am already on my way... he was already at his dad's house for the whole day...

The school principal did called the stoopit dad to my son, and stoopit him, never even try to find out, why is he forbid to attend school? what is the precaution we should take currently? Is he infected? or is he in high risk? When I asked his stoopit dad, he everything also said dunno... wanna eat shit, also dunno! really so pissed off with him... its not that I wanna look down on him, but... come on lah! ppl must learn and grow.

Previously, some of my friends think that I should give him a chance to be a good father or maybe a companion to me... sorry lah! I really made up my mind.. NO! NO! NO! He will causes me never ending trouble, a disaster to my life, a burden to me, which i tasted it during our 12yrs marriage... today, i finally managed to dispose it off... and I'm not gonna put myself in the deep shit anymore...

Ya, true! A person should be given a chance, but.... to him... I really dun think so lah, as he doesn't willing to improve nor to upgrade himself.

Oh ya! You guess wat my stoopit ex said? when i suggested that within this 7 days, better let my son quarantine himself at his house, as I dun think its good for him to come into contact with his sister who is only 9yrs old. The stoopit man replied:"then gua how? if he infected gua how???" I tell you, if he is standing in front of me, I will surely smack him... What sort of father is he? really shit...

I managed to speak to my son's form teacher, and came to understand that, actually, there are 5 students in the school has got high fever, one of them is my son's classmate and were all send to general hospital for blood test, the blood test result will only be out on this coming saturday, so, for those who has got minor or major cough, flu or bodyache are ordered to quarantine themselves at home.

Just received phone call from the school again this morning, they are following up closely on those blacklisted student, who has got cough... whether they have other symptom...

My slogan now... You can come out from the wrong hole, but never married to a wrong man! or else, your whole life will be totally ruin.... like ME!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A day without mobile

This morning was in a hurry... only realised %&*%$# I forgot to bring my darling mobile out, almost reached lia lia's school liao... couldn't detour back to take, as lia lia nearly late for school... forget about it... reluctant to drive all the way back to get, as my house is quite far from town...say about 25 minutes...

A day without mobile is actually not too bad, I seems to enjoy the peace very much... hehe!

Wondering how many calls i missed today... yet to find out, when i reach home tonite!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New offer!

I went for an interview at an architect firm yesterday. Of course lah, very nervous loh, even surf throught the net, to find the technic on how to prepare for a job interview... and nevertheless.. also tried to find about their company's profile. Do lots of homework leh!

It was quite a pleasant interview session by a troop of professional architects, kuku me, its being a long time, never seen such lots of professional species... The team are quite big... all are my age... I should be able to interact well with them in future...

An hour later after the interview session, I received feedback through phone, that I have been offerred post as Head of Admin, sounds nice ya, but surely there are lots of responsibilities loh... Frankly, I really dun mind to take the challenge loh! Same old story again.... after my bf left me... I cried everyday, kuku here everyday.... Keep telling myself, its time for me to take a step ahead... to see, smell & feel the whole new world out there... to have a new environment... new troop of friends... new new new! I wanna prove that... without him, I can still shine like a star... I can be SOMEBODY! I can I can! talk very loud lah, I know it will not be easy, but, I'll try my very very best, squeeze myself really really the maximum.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creepy nite out!

Invited by June last nite for a drinks at her mansion, so sweet of her.. thoughtfully planned a drinking session to ease my sorrow, with her gang of friends.

They were altogether 6 of us, we spend the nite drinking wine and cracked some jokes. Just before we left, June shared her real ghost stories...

Due to the reason that her house is located deep within lush trees... creepy creepy! We quickly cabut after her stories cuz don't like the idea of 12 midnight! Mag commented that's double dose of "mabuk"!

I left at around 11+, and drove home hastily..managed to reach home incredibly within 10 minutes...(cuz so damn scare mah...) They asked me if I am flying my car... hehe! sort of ...

This morning, Eric send me sms to mock me, asking if I am interested for a vacancy in his friend's company, duties of the job is flying a small light air craft... (gonna spank his butt, when i see him!!!)

Next time, I better ask for a lift lah, instead of driving alone... so damn horrible lah... I think I cannot take the ghost stories loh... My weak heart cannot take it lah... didn't had a good nite sleep.... dragging my feet to office this morning... moreover, got an interview to attend this afternoon... die hard lah! blank blank blur blur now, still not yet calm down... really chicken oh *_^

Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you ever love a person so deeply in your life?

遇到曾經愛過的人… 記得微笑向他感激… 因為他是讓你更懂愛的人!
If you happens to meet your ex-lover, remember to smile and thanks him, for he has teached you comprehend on love. U agreed?

For me, I think it's so damaging... Leaving me makes him happier, but it causes me to lost all my confidence on relationship.

He was so sweet, humble, loving and patience, when we are so sweetly in love for 2 years plus, silly me didn't even realise that his love has faded away months ago, until he gets pissed off and told me off...

Once a while, I'll still miss him terribly...
I miss to be kiss at the forehead, when I am sad..
I miss to be hug, when i am insecure...
I miss every of our memories...

I just watched a taiwanese movie by the name of EASY FORTUNE HAPPY LIFE. Which trigger me again....pissed off! The storyline was about a grandma, who spend her whole life waiting for her boyfriend, who actually cheated on her, that he'll return to marry her, and at last she passed away, before she can manage to see the heartless man return to see her... until her very last breath, she still believe that he might have some obligation that holds him back.. until her very last breath, she still believe that the man actually love her... until her very last breath, she still grateful that she die with his love...

Die hard lah, me!... I feel I'll be the same like her...gratefully, wanna live alone until my last breath with our sweet memories and love... and die in glory!

I feel wanna knock my head on the wall already, why am i so stubborn, so faithful, so naive... also think that, he might has some obligationssssssss....(stoopit idea ya!)

He might be having his great time on bed with his new gf now, and yet... I still hold on to our promises and couldn't let go...

Please!!!!! Anyone can please help me.... Is there any good solution to get through all this shity idea...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marriage Life

Had breakfast with old friends at coffeeshop nearby office this morning. Chatted about our interesting past, our old hairstyle, our old fashioned dress.. which is around 15 years ago, that moment we are only in our 20's, energetic and fun..

We are all having the same complaints...Everyone agreed that their husband are not as loving, caring, patience & adorable like before. Everything turns the other way round.. During the dating time ah, everything also ok, everything also can... even if we unreasonably ask for the moon, also ok... Now ah, try lah! They will surely ask us, if we have lost our mind?... Who's fault actually.. Is it b'cos wife not patience, caring, loving enough that causes the husband,lost their patience/love on us?? Or is it b'cos the husband thinks that wife should compromise?? For me, relationship is a both way traffic, right? both parties should contribute..and women definitely needs more attention, love and care, even after married..

Thats why, I rather remain single now.. I really don't have the confidence to involve in relationship anymore, you may says that I am pessimistic, but I have came across 2 broken relationship, if only 1 party is contributing, its not gonna work at all..

U agreed?

Monday, July 20, 2009


Its being quite sometimes, I didn't update my blog, as I was too tight up with my daily schedule.

Yesterday, I went to a seminar organised by my AIA insurance company, the speaker was one of our most successful young insurance leader, Mr Lopez, a 30yrs old Indian, the most impressive part is ... he can speak fluent mandarin and hokkien..and he is invited to give a talk in Taiwan by a big Taiwan organization.

He came from a broken family, his dad left them for another women,when he was only in primary school, and he has a retarded sister, his mum was a homemaker... Its really a sorrow to him, which he has to work at coffeeshop after school, in order to earn to pay for his school fee and support his family. Eventhough, he is having a hard life, but he always has an vision that he wants to change his life, and expecting a better life.

He taught us that life is in our own hand, we have to visualise and trust in ourself, we can change our life..

He joined AIA 4yrs ago, when he was only 26yrs old, and he is now a millionaire, his current minimum income is one million a year, staying in a bunglow cost a million. His philosophy is.. we must have a mindset, a goal, a vision.... most importantly, we must be a big dreamer... daring to dream... We must always believe, we have a huge capability... we can expand to the maximum...If there is a will, there is a way... Every black clouds, there's a silver lining.

I get so motivate after attended his talk, which really also boost me up mentally and physically..

There were also awards presentation, I told myself, next year I wanna be one of them to stand on the stage to receive the award.. I want to & I will!!!

I drafted out my chart today, my dream home, my dream car, my dream life... set my vision, and I'm ready to go....

I wanna change my life, I want my life to be better, I wanna have glory of my life...

Wish me good luck ya, friend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Disaster day!

Yesterday was a disaster to me, as I wrote on my previous write-out, received call from sis that daddy falled down in the toilet, she couldn't afford to carry him up, end up he lie at the entrance of the toilet, I rushed back to assist to carry him back to his bed, feed him food and drinks, arranged him on the relaxing chair, then headed to work.

After work, I rushed back home to prepare some meal, as my ex-sister in law back from kl wish to have some prayer at my place, in the midst of cooking, daddy called, asked me to go over to assist mum to bath for him.

Later that, i rushed back home again to finish the cooking, its almost 9 already, time to pick up kids from tuition center, on the way back home, mummy called again, saying that dad's blood pressure shot up to 180... I rushed over again to see him, check his bp and monitor him a while.

Arrived home around 10 something... had dinner with my ex-sister in law, didn't even manage to pray.. do some wash up.. boil porridge for daddy... dragging my feet headed to sleep....

This morning slept over until 6am something...gosh! I suppose to wake up at 5am to steam fish for dad and send over together with the porridge for his breakfast, lunch and dinner... at the end, gotta send kids to school 1st, then detour back to daddy's house... brought the raw fish and steam at his home lah... so damn tiring now...

God, please give me good health, strength and stamina to sustain through this hard time.. Amen!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daddy call!

Its being quite sometimes, I didn't update my blog, had been busy with daddy lately and trying to squeeze time to sort out all my things which scatter all around in my new house... headache!

While drafting my blog just now, suddenly, I received phone call from daddy, he told me he falled on the floor and my sister couldn't afford to carry him up... I was so shocked and quickly rush back.

When I reached home, he was lying at the entrance of the toilet, my goodness! I quickly asked and checked with him, if he knocked on his head or anywhere... luckily not.

We carried him up on to the bed and thanks God, nothing serious happen.

Most importantly, I know God is always there for us, to guide and protect us. Amen.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daddy got stroke!

My daddy got stroke attacked on friday morning at 2:30am, luckily, he able to wake my mum up by whispering for help. Daddy totally lost the sense on his left side body.

We were so in shocked and I couldn't even recall what's the number for the ambulance, my sister only managed to find the phone number for Timberland Medical Center, so we ordered their ambulance, and he was been send to TMC for refferal to Sarawak General Hospital, as my dad doesn't has a medical card, and we really couldn't afford for the sky high medical fee.

My dad arrived at Sarawak General Hospital around 3:00am by TMC ambulance, the doctor checked on daddy and told us that he is semi-urgent case, so gotta wait till 8am for CT Scan, we asked the doctor, if he is semi-urgent case, why can't they do CT Scan for him immediately?? Stroke can be serious, right? U know what the doctor told me???? The CT Scan staff only start work at 8am, we can only call them in, if the patient is seriously unconcious... what the fuck is he talking about? Is it means that only if the patient nearly gonna die, only then they will do CT Scan for them immediately???

At that moment, I was so helpless...wat i can do is just to pray and pray and pray to God.. keep whispering at my dad's ear that he'll be fine, God is with him...

God really show his miracle, whereby, when i informed my Group Manager about my dad, he and his wife quickly called up the Pengarah of Sarawak General Hospital to expedite the check up for my dad, and guess wat? within 30 mins, they done CT Scan & X-ray for my dad, and send him in to the minitoring ward for close observation.

When i return to hospital from office, the young neurologist is there to check on my dad too..from the 1st glance, he showed his unhapiness towards me.. the reason is, b'cos the Pengarah of SGH querry them for the delay of treating my dad. While explaining about my dad's condition to me, he talked in a way like I have killed his beloved.. (shit! so damn angry!) but still try to control my anger... who's fault now??? If anything happen to my dad due to the delay of treatment, I'll make sure, he'll be in a deep shit.. He talked like its not a big deal... Wat if the person lying on the bed is his dad????? Can he still be so calm???

The neurologist showed me the CT Scan report that there is blood clog on the right side of the brain, due to his high blood pressure, that burst the blood vessel, that causes him losing the sense on the left side. No operation needed, as the blood clog only cover 1/4 right side of the brain.. (I wonder, if it really covered the whole right side...still can survive???)

The doctor also mentioned that my dad's blood pressure medicine dosage is not adequent enough for him... another fuck...All the while, my dad having his follow up closely at Polyclinic... if the dosage is not sufficient enough.. Who's fault again????

Daddy had been transferred to Sentosa Hospital on last friday for Physio therapy treatment. I wish he can get well soon. Please pray for my daddy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Confession.. I like someone!

I dream of my ex-bf almost everynite.. I presume he's my one and only love, but, recently, I realised that I keen to log in to one of the blogger's post every 1st thing in the morning, even before I log in to my own blog.

I realised after reading his post, disregard whether its old or new post, it actually can soothe my anxiety..., but, on the other hand, i feel the guilt... towards my ex-bf, his promises still shadowing me...

I really wish i could put behind all the sweet memories I had with him, and hastily start on a new life...

Thanks god, I finally have the heart to admire someone! Its a good kick start for me, right?

Monday, June 22, 2009

My kitchen haven

My kitchen haven finally in, but the contractor hasn't fix up the door for the cabinet yet, so it looks a bit chaotic.

I am desperately looking forward to cook my favourite fetuccine carbonara, spagetti and lots more... of course, not forgeting...baking too... hopefully, they can fix up everything by this week.

I shall organise a house warming refreshment by next week, to thanks my friends for contributing gifts for my new sweet home.

I will bake and cook my own as a token of gesture to all my friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visit to GH

I went to visit Chris yesterday nite at general hospital, she supposed to schedule for an operation yesterday morning, but due to the congestion, her operation has been postponed to the following day evening.

I just came to realise that Kuching General Hospital is expanding to such a huge area. I nearly lost my way in there... imagine... lost in hospital.. hehe!

Somemore, got frighten by the lift... watch too much horror movie... at 1st, I thought the lift got automated sensor lighting mah, which means, only when got ppl enter the lift, then the lighting will turn ON, I was actually a bit scare to enter the lift all by myself, but at that moment... only me alone loh... so no choice must enter... the moment when the door was 1/2 closed, i realised how come the lighting was not ON yet oh, I suddenly so shocked like a mad dog, without second thought, i terus rush out banging the 2 semi closed door... the moment I rush out ah, I saw got 2 uncles, who were just happens to pass by got shocked too, they thought i met HANTU! so humiliating lah! so ah, if you are not brave enough ah, dun go visiting at the GH at nite lah... or maybe, just me, I'm too chicken~_~

The moment, when i reached my sister's ward, i was already mentally and physically exhausted.. in a way, I look more like a patient than my sister do.

I saw a lot of patients, can see that they are so suffering... I suddenly feel that life are so fragile and short, we should learn to treasure and cherish every moment we have now. At least, its a blessing from God, that we are healthy today.

So, friend who likes clubbing, better stop smoking and drinking lah, nobody wanna ends like that, right? learn to take care of our health... life are short, should locate our time for more meaningful things.. U agree or not?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After I came back from my Damai trip, due to the vigorous exposure under the hot hot SUN.. caused damaged on my face.. pimples,blackhead and wrinkles all lines up (geram!!!)

I bought a bottle of Flebeaute eyes serum from faceshop last week, and its quite effective, after using it for around a week, I realised the wrinkles has subside around my eyes.

I was given a few packets of their Flebeaute Collagenic night cream, surprisingly, it is also the most effective night cream i ever use, it really lock the moisture on my face and my skin became more supple and smooth.

Ladies ah, in term of skincare, no matter how expensive it is, as long as its effective, pok kai also wanna buy...hehe! agree or not?

New life

I have been quite moody since last week... after my sister told me that she saw my ex-bf holding another lady in his arm, which means, he finally found another love in his life...

I know I should not be sad or bother about it... (stoopit me, right!) He doesn't worth my tears at all too!

Ever since, he left me... my health drastically deteriorate, I lose total 10kg overall, seldom can have a good nite sleep, I dreamt of him now and then... and b'cos of that, I realised I aged a lot...
I cut my hair short to shoulder length last friday... to change a new look... dun suit me kah? dun care lioa lah! already cut ...haha!

I must up keep my appearances again lah... dun wanna look haggard... I wanna live more happily and meaningful.. I wanna colour the wall of my life... I surely can!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Garden@Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho

Went to the garden last sunday, to do some survey on nice potted plants for my balcony, living room and washroom. There are too many varieties, until I can't decide which 1 to choose.

Amelia has choosen 3 little flower potted plants for herself, she always dreamt to plant her own flower plant with seeds, which is impossible lah, provided one's got the green hand. If she is like her mum, then she better forget about that idea... hehe!

She water her plant every morning, the moment she open her eyes, before she greet her mum.. Ever since, she got her dream plants, her mum became her 2nd priority liao! ~_~