Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A stanch decision!!!

I finally decided to change my mobile number.

My current mobile number is subsidizing by my ex-bf, you might think that he’s very kind heartened, broke off already, still grant me this privilege.

I should have surrender this number, ever since we broke off, but… silly me still wish that he’ll return one day, still wish to keep this link, so that he can locate me anytime he wish.

In the other hand, he actually can track my location by friend finders.

However, I knew... if I dun renounce, I’ll forever be the same ME… the sadness will enormously gonna stalk me for era...

That’s the last link I had with him… Goodbye my love... Thanks for all the sweetest memories, cares, love and patience. Good bye… the bare promises…

Monday, September 28, 2009

An eventful saturday

I went for hair rebond on Saturday morning, it takes me nearly 4hrs for the whole process, and I have to go through this dilemma, once in every 4 months. . I am actually so sick of it… (*cry*) as, I’m born with natural curl and jumbled hair…. So envy those friends of mine, who has got natural smooth, straight and manageable hair lah… Every morning, I have to spend so much time to manage my crown…

Later in the afternoon, I was invited by June to her hari raya open house… craving for rendang, curry and masak merah since days ago... but, she serves western food woh! Salad & spaghetti… dun care liao! Also gulp all lah, so damn hungry already! I finished 2 bowls of salad and 1 serving of spaghetti. After that, went home to recharge for my night event… clubbing!!!!

I went to T1 with Justina, she volunteered to drives me… she commented that she noticed even during normal days, I drive like a mad dog, what to say if I’m drunk… hehe! Aiyoh! No matter how drunk I’m, I will still drive home safely lah, friend!.. Ok lah! Since she so sincere, I’ll let her drive me loh... hehe!

My hairdresser friends, Eric & Joseph also came to join us… never even warm up yet ah, right away ordered 6 jugs of beer, equivalent to 24 tins… walau! Really can drink ah…

I met my another group of friends there too, who are all social drinker… they gave me a glass of johnie walker… without hesitation, of course, I yamsen with them lah…

When, I wake up the next day… I really feel like dying… dizzy, feels like my head gonna crack… caused by the liquor, I think… I should not have drink beer and liquor at the same time… damn me!!!

I joined Joseph for breakfast, then went home to nap again, luckily I feel much better after that.

At around evening time, I force myself to go for a round of gym to sweat… to pass out all the toxic I imbibe… Thanks goodness, I managed to sweat…

It’s Monday again… another 5 days of work…

Friday, September 25, 2009

Single or attached?

I heard from radio mix myfm this morning, discussing on whether you prefer to be single or attached?

Most of the women who called in, prefers to be attached, they feels that being single is too lonely... no one's to care, no one's to discuss with, no one's to share their sorrow, no one's to talk to, no one's to share their piece of cakes, no shoulder to cry on......

For me, sometimes, I think I rather be single lah... Its really not an easy task to maintain a relationship.

Just imagine... 2 different species from 2 different planet.....

How about u?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too much drinksss

As per my friend's request, I hereby posted my ghastly drunk looks photos... everybody were so damn high that nite...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild wild group clubbing!!!

Went for clubbing with colleagues and friends at Terminal 1 on last friday... we had a great great time, drinking, dancing, gossiping and laughing....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh my goodness...

Geram..... I dreamt of my ex-bf again last nite... makes me mentally and physically so restless...

I dreamt that he brought me to a resort... (our best ever memories was at the resort)

We strolled at the beach, he hold my hands so tightly that he promised that he'll never let go of my hands again, begging me to give him a last chance.... of course, I feel so insecure lah, as he has abandoned me before mah... moreover, I still hasn't recover from the pain that he caused previously..

He brought me to the same seafood restaurant that we used to visit, finally... stoopit me.. really gave him a chance boh... then u know lah... wah! so loving loh, lying on his shoulder.... all the sweet talk lah..then, middle of the dinner, he suddenly disappear.... I tried to call him, but seems like I couldn't recall his mobile number anymore, I can't even find his record in my phone directory too... at the end, he appear, he told me that he decided to leave me again... shit shit shit..

I told him, this time I sure die... so damn heartache..

Then, alarm ring, time to wake up to work... shit!

So damn tired, dragging my feet to office tis morning, so damn restless, like running for thousand miles chasing after my ex-bf... damn!!!

Ever since, he ring me on the phone... I become so mentally unstable... LOVE KILLS!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ex -bf called!!!!!

My ex-bf suddenly call me yesterday afternoon... He never call me since couple of months ago.

He asked me about the location of the lawyer firm, which he used to send me before, it sounds weird, right?

What's his intention actually? wanna hear my voice? or heard about the news that I went clubbing and intentionally wanna call and check if I feel guilty towards him?

I finally stepped out and fly, why did he appear in my mind again...

I am struggling now, whether to change my mobile number, so that he will not be able to reach me anymore.. I want him totally out from my mind... such a heartless man!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A wild nite out

I finally decided to moved on... step out and enjoy my life to the fullest.

It was such a fruitful nite out... I had dinner with Emily, June & hubby, thereafter, detoured to join my group of friends at Isabella for some card games and drinks, we left around 11pm, as majority of them are Cinderella...hehe!

Thereafter, Me & Emily went to Terminal 1 to meet my another group of clubbing friends. We had a really great time. The most fabulous part was... Our eyes keep focusing on the handsome DJ at the mezzanine floor... wow! he is really really cool lah.. we almost drool loh! *blush*

Looking forward to this long weekend holiday... Me & my colleagues wanna club till our pant drop...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A close friend of mine called me last nite, says that she and her husband came into deal for divorce, due to lack of trust and communication.

She tried her best to cope and compromise him, but he never appreciate and ignore her totally, doesn't even bother to have a glance on her, sort of cold treatment, right!

Sometimes, I think... we women are so pitiful...

An advise from June, women must have pride... no compromising nor sacrifice... which I think is quite true...

As I mentioned in my previous post, declaring that I am still shadowing by my ex-bf's spell...

I told both my friends, Eric & June that I wanna be faithful to my ex-bf for the rest of my life, until I'm 6ft under... they think I am silly and stoopit... they says that eventually that man already screwing the whole world, yet I still wanna be faithful to him... hahaha!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New job!

I just join an architect firm this beginning of the month, and it keeps me super super busy and occupy, but I love the job, as I find I can maximize my potential again, and I can go further with my strength and capabilities.. Also at the same time, there are no more obligation, as I am back to single now....hehe! Of course, I still love the feeling of being taking care of lah! Sounds like shouted out to the public.... I am waiting to be woo ya~ haha!

The photo was taken in my current office, looks messy at the background ya.. It's b'cos, we are in the midst of sorting and packing. Hurray! We'll be moving to our new office sometimes around middle or end of this month, it would be a super cool and nice office, we'll have fish pond, pet's house, private bar.. it's actually a bungalow... I'm anxiously looking forward to...

Will paste up the photos of my new office, after we shifted over end of this month.. so, stay tune! ^_^