Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Confession.. I like someone!

I dream of my ex-bf almost everynite.. I presume he's my one and only love, but, recently, I realised that I keen to log in to one of the blogger's post every 1st thing in the morning, even before I log in to my own blog.

I realised after reading his post, disregard whether its old or new post, it actually can soothe my anxiety..., but, on the other hand, i feel the guilt... towards my ex-bf, his promises still shadowing me...

I really wish i could put behind all the sweet memories I had with him, and hastily start on a new life...

Thanks god, I finally have the heart to admire someone! Its a good kick start for me, right?

Monday, June 22, 2009

My kitchen haven

My kitchen haven finally in, but the contractor hasn't fix up the door for the cabinet yet, so it looks a bit chaotic.

I am desperately looking forward to cook my favourite fetuccine carbonara, spagetti and lots more... of course, not forgeting...baking too... hopefully, they can fix up everything by this week.

I shall organise a house warming refreshment by next week, to thanks my friends for contributing gifts for my new sweet home.

I will bake and cook my own as a token of gesture to all my friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visit to GH

I went to visit Chris yesterday nite at general hospital, she supposed to schedule for an operation yesterday morning, but due to the congestion, her operation has been postponed to the following day evening.

I just came to realise that Kuching General Hospital is expanding to such a huge area. I nearly lost my way in there... imagine... lost in hospital.. hehe!

Somemore, got frighten by the lift... watch too much horror movie... at 1st, I thought the lift got automated sensor lighting mah, which means, only when got ppl enter the lift, then the lighting will turn ON, I was actually a bit scare to enter the lift all by myself, but at that moment... only me alone loh... so no choice must enter... the moment when the door was 1/2 closed, i realised how come the lighting was not ON yet oh, I suddenly so shocked like a mad dog, without second thought, i terus rush out banging the 2 semi closed door... the moment I rush out ah, I saw got 2 uncles, who were just happens to pass by got shocked too, they thought i met HANTU! so humiliating lah! so ah, if you are not brave enough ah, dun go visiting at the GH at nite lah... or maybe, just me, I'm too chicken~_~

The moment, when i reached my sister's ward, i was already mentally and physically exhausted.. in a way, I look more like a patient than my sister do.

I saw a lot of patients, can see that they are so suffering... I suddenly feel that life are so fragile and short, we should learn to treasure and cherish every moment we have now. At least, its a blessing from God, that we are healthy today.

So, friend who likes clubbing, better stop smoking and drinking lah, nobody wanna ends like that, right? learn to take care of our health... life are short, should locate our time for more meaningful things.. U agree or not?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After I came back from my Damai trip, due to the vigorous exposure under the hot hot SUN.. caused damaged on my face.. pimples,blackhead and wrinkles all lines up (geram!!!)

I bought a bottle of Flebeaute eyes serum from faceshop last week, and its quite effective, after using it for around a week, I realised the wrinkles has subside around my eyes.

I was given a few packets of their Flebeaute Collagenic night cream, surprisingly, it is also the most effective night cream i ever use, it really lock the moisture on my face and my skin became more supple and smooth.

Ladies ah, in term of skincare, no matter how expensive it is, as long as its effective, pok kai also wanna buy...hehe! agree or not?

New life

I have been quite moody since last week... after my sister told me that she saw my ex-bf holding another lady in his arm, which means, he finally found another love in his life...

I know I should not be sad or bother about it... (stoopit me, right!) He doesn't worth my tears at all too!

Ever since, he left me... my health drastically deteriorate, I lose total 10kg overall, seldom can have a good nite sleep, I dreamt of him now and then... and b'cos of that, I realised I aged a lot...
I cut my hair short to shoulder length last friday... to change a new look... dun suit me kah? dun care lioa lah! already cut ...haha!

I must up keep my appearances again lah... dun wanna look haggard... I wanna live more happily and meaningful.. I wanna colour the wall of my life... I surely can!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Garden@Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho

Went to the garden last sunday, to do some survey on nice potted plants for my balcony, living room and washroom. There are too many varieties, until I can't decide which 1 to choose.

Amelia has choosen 3 little flower potted plants for herself, she always dreamt to plant her own flower plant with seeds, which is impossible lah, provided one's got the green hand. If she is like her mum, then she better forget about that idea... hehe!

She water her plant every morning, the moment she open her eyes, before she greet her mum.. Ever since, she got her dream plants, her mum became her 2nd priority liao! ~_~

The Eatery@Four Points Hotel

I was invited to have buffet lunch at The Eatery at 4 points Hotel last saturday, RM38++ per pax.
The scenery was nice and cosy, they serve western, eastern and japanese food.

I love especially the salad with balsamic vinegar.. yummy!

Buffet are sinful... its being quite sometimes, i never swallow so much food in 1 go.. I remembered i eaten 1 slice of blueberry cheesecake, 8 small cupcakes, 3 rounds of salad with salmon, tempura and lots more...

Somehow I think, they are quite smart to serve free flow of softdrink, so that ppl cannot eat a lot... Clever me.. only drink plain water.. buffet boh.. very expensive mah.. ya ya! I know, I' m not the 1 who's paying... hehe!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gawai visit to Kampung Benuk

On the 1st day of Gawai, I went to visit my best friend, Mola. It takes around 45mins to reach her Kampung - Kampung Benuk.

Pic taken at the long house with Mola. (Ms Kampung Benuk.. hehe!)

According to Mola, this is called GONG, their Bidayuh tradition.

This is SANGGAR, they will circle the SANGGAR, pray and chant with their own language on the eve of gawai.

Pic taken with Mola's family after we wallap all the delicious cuisine prepared by Mola's mum.. Thx aunty ^_^

Damai Puri trip

I'm back... luckily didn't got sunburn, but skin became so tan loh! (gotta hide in the dark for at least a month loh!) haha! I didn't stroll at the beach at nite lah, just walked around the whole resort with sisters and parents... so tired already mah! My family... I'm still the fairer 1 ya.. hehe!

Really enjoyed sliding down around 10 plus times.. hehe!

Played kayak for nearly 2 hours, imagine under the hot hot sun for the whole morning... can imagine how tan i am now ~_~

Had breakfast with daddy and mummy... its kinda expensive loh, RM40/pax, not yet include service tax and government tax, only a few variety of choices only, really not worth it loh!

Monkeys family ^_^

Its a pleasant and fruitful trip.