Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It takes me a year to fall in love on him~

Hey~ I'm not lying... It really takes me a year + 5 days to fall in love on him.. (learn to be very accurate.. like my boss(an architect does!) hehe!

ok ok! back to the storyline.

H first date me way back year 2010, in the month of May, umm~ I think lah!

We broke off twice, 1st broke off reason was I'm a divorcee.. Well~ first when he dates me, he knew I am.. right?

2nd reason was to obey his father's will...

So, that NUT left me twice!!

Will you still accept a man back, if he abandoned you twice??? (I bet nobody will~) but, I did it! @_@

Some of you might think that I'm ki siao~ but, after getting along with him for a year plus, his sincerity touches my heart~

Well~ I never dare to says that he's really my Mr Right. It still takes time to prove it! !