Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recent me ^_^

Getting fatter and round.... it's time for some workout~

I'm back~

Today, I decided to lift my fingers and start to jot down my life journey again. I appreciate for what I'm having today, kids grown up, relationship with parents getting better, good living environment, enough to eat, enough to spend, promoted to a different field on job..... from HR to account..(struggle hard, but frankly, I never know I can adapt to such a different field well o~ blek....Lol) 

Lastly, thanks to my bf, who'r there for me mentally & physically... muacksssss.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A new change~

Year 2012, new aunty looks~

Perm and touch up of color for a change... never perm at this length.. to myself, it really looks aunty~ some friends comment that it suits me well... eventhough, my bf wish I could keep my hair long, but he seems to love the current curl, length and color..

ok ok... accept the fact... the hair suits my age... but, i am not going to disclose my age... no no no @_@

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It takes me a year to fall in love on him~

Hey~ I'm not lying... It really takes me a year + 5 days to fall in love on him.. (learn to be very accurate.. like my boss(an architect does!) hehe!

ok ok! back to the storyline.

H first date me way back year 2010, in the month of May, umm~ I think lah!

We broke off twice, 1st broke off reason was I'm a divorcee.. Well~ first when he dates me, he knew I am.. right?

2nd reason was to obey his father's will...

So, that NUT left me twice!!

Will you still accept a man back, if he abandoned you twice??? (I bet nobody will~) but, I did it! @_@

Some of you might think that I'm ki siao~ but, after getting along with him for a year plus, his sincerity touches my heart~

Well~ I never dare to says that he's really my Mr Right. It still takes time to prove it! !

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love Poison

I thought I have forgotten about him... I thought I managed to defeat the hurt... I thought I finally able to let go of him and start on with a new relationship...

Its being 2 years we apart... I still not pretty sure, the actual reason he left me... or maybe, Its me who's not willing to accept the fact that he has changed.

He still exist deep down in my heart... I still fail to let go... until I face him...

Obviously, he has totally forego...

I have to keep trying to wipe him out from my mind and heart...

I will keep trying...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Why does women always got the blame for a failed marriage?

It's like a death sentence...

Nobody wish to have such a dramatic life...

I'm in such a devastating stage...

Monday, April 25, 2011


Wat's ur criteria on selecting a life partner..

Wealth or Love? both...

Well, not many ppl are as lucky...

I think I'll rather choose to be solo... as I dun believe someone will love us unconditionally... except our God~ Amen!