Friday, May 29, 2009

Damai Puri.. I'm coming!

Hurray! Damai Puri.... I'm coming!!!!

Looking forward to an enjoyable swim, beach strolling & lots lots more... yeah!

I really wanna try the slide at the kid's pool lah... dun be surprise, if you happen to see me sliding 100 times down... hehe! to release my tension ah? no lah!!

U agree?

My friend send an sms...

感叹男人: 有才华的长的丑、长的帅的挣钱少、挣钱多的不顾家、顾家的没出息、有出息的不浪漫、会浪漫的靠不住、靠的住的又窝囊;

感叹女人: 漂亮的不下厨房、下厨房的不温柔、温柔的没主见、有主见的没女人味、有女人味的乱花钱、不乱花钱的不时尚、时尚的不放心、放心的没法看.


U agree?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can couple becomes friends?

Can really a couple becomes normal friend after broke off?

As you know, me and my bf broke off months ago, but he'll still call me occasionally.. Stoopit me! still wish that he'll call, still miss to hear his voice, still wish to know how is he getting on now..

Eventhough, I always deem that I hates him for he has abandoned me.. internally, I still wish that he is happy, healthy and alive.

If you ask me, do I still miss him? Is the pain still unbearable? Yes, yes... can't deny. The pain is still there... and of course, provided that I dun spread salt on it lah... whenever, I think I miss him, or something trigger me to miss him, I'll still cry my lung out, But I'll pray to God, learn to rely on to God, for he will never abandon me nor hurt my heart.

I started to learn to dress well and be more sociable recently, I wish I can be a whole new ME!

Looking forward to my damai puri trip with family & friends this coming weekend. U know ah! My friend's hubby suggested me to roll on the beach like bollywood star, so that he can help me to snap the photo and paste it on my blog.. (Is that the way to celebrate that I am back to single life ah?) hehe!

This trip, I should try to walk alone at the beach, as I never try so before... for the past, he will always be there to hold my hand, lovingly stroll along the beach. I wonder if i dare to try at nite ho.. I'm scare of ghost boh! *_*

I should learn to be independent... I have to!

Wish me good luck ya, friend... I'll update my photos, once I am back after the Gawai holiday next wednesday.
Happy advance Gawai, friend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My sister, Chris

It was my sister's birthday on 13 May 2009. There was no birthday party, as Chris is a very thrifty lady.. hehe! so, our mum bought her a cheese cake, and we all just sing her birthday song at home.. Sorry, Chris. I actually wanna surprise you with a birthday party, but my tight schedule are exhausting me... Chris, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a lovely sister. I really cherish for what you have done for me, even willingly to spare out your bedroom to me. I really feel so bad for occupying your room, and all your belonging are scatter all around. I wish my apartment can be ready soon, so that, you dun have to share room with daddy & mummy.

I love you, sis. I'll always stand by you, whenever you need me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lamp for new home (1)

I bought this lamp for my bedroom at the price of RM200.. hehe! worth the price... of course also bargain bargain until saliva also dried up lah!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lamp for new home

I bought 3 units of this lamp last week for my new home, but from 2 different lightning shop. The 1st unit, I bought was at the price of RM150, somemore bargain bargain until saliva also dried up. . Few days later, i went to another lightning shop at Satok area, came to realise that they are only selling at RM98, somemore give discount until $86... Gosh! so heartache lah.. whenever, i see the lamp now ah, i'll start cursing lah... with the price of RM150, of course top up a bit, i can get 2 units lah.. sien!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother Day

Had an early mother day celebration on 8 May 2009. There are altogether 9 of us.. multi-races ~_~ from left to right are my youngest sister's bf (malay), my youngest sister, mum, dad, me, my son & daughter, my 3rd sister's bf (korean) and my 3rd sister.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sexy Belly Dance!!

Last friday, I went to Scoop to see a belly dance show, per ticket is RM25 for a scope of gelato and 1 glass of red wine, not kick enough leh...haha! It was indeed an interesting experience, as its only for ladies's eyes... The lady dancer was so sexy and seducing, I was throughly attracted by her dance, eventhough I'm not a male species ~_~ Her shape was so proportionate... so, I make up my mind, I wanna learn belly dance too...hehe!

Sorry ah! the video was not so clear on certain part, as it was a bit dark there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never ending problems.....

Somehow, I think my life are really suck.
I lawfully divorced with my ex-husband in year 2007, our marriage lasted for only 13 yrs. We have 2 childrens, currently aged 14 and 9. The reason I divorced is, I can't stand to being abused by my ex-husband day by day, whenever he's drunk.. actually almost everyday. He's a alcoholic, drug addict and womanizer.
I am sure, you will wonder, why married to this kind of man?... Well! Love is blind.. the moment when we were together, we were both young and playful, I thought we are meant to be together.
After our 1st child was borned, everything changed, he is still outgoing, whereas, I have to stay back to take care of the lil 1, we started to have arguements. He started to become violent, during my 2nd pregnancy, he'll intentionally kick my tummy, and bang my head against the wall.. Thanks God, I managed to survive everytimes, eventhough frequently in and out from several hospitals.
God granted me 2 kids, so that I have the strength to struggle and live on for them till now.
I received a missed call message this morning, when i turned on my mobile. My ex-husband called me once at 3:02am and another unknown number called me twice at 3:07am.
I also received 3 sms.
1st sms from unknown number, who i realised its his girlfriend.
"i ask u dont call ah *** ready k, now i is ah **** girl friend k, if u no understanding just call me no need call ah **** ready pls"
2nd & 3rd sms from unknown number, my ex-husband must have borrowed the phone from his friend to send me this sms.
"pls dont call back n dont answer unknow person call n no call my 019. if got anything u just say want 2 buy my house o rent k tq so sorry :-("
The storyline is, we own a double storey terrace house jointly under our name, which is currently still under bank loan, I requested him to transfer it back fully to his name, as I need to purchase my own house, using my EPF, but then, he offerred me and our kids to stay in his newly bought apartment, since its vacant, and he doesn't intend to sell it yet.
He brought us to view the house on last sunday, and our kids was so overjoyed over it. Kids....
He also brought us to choose the lamp for the apartment last nite... of course, we drove our own car lah, not chip in to 1 car.. but my daughter followed his car, and my son prefer to follow me, he doesn't pretty likes his dad... b'cos, for how his dad treated me previously. I managed to choose 2 lamps I like..... (those like IKEA!)
I was quite strugglling, whether should I or should not move to stay in his house? Will he still come to harrass me, when he is drunk? Will his gf come to harrass me? (his gf currently working in a pub, and as far I know she is quite an aggressive lady, she uses to fight with ppl in the pub 1... gosh!) eventhough, I can swear that, its just for the sake of the our kids... Over my dead body lah, I will not go back to him, ok! I don't wanna have that kind of life anymore, I dun wanna be harrass..... Why is my luck so bad ah? while I am still his wife, I got harrassed by his lovers, after divorced, still got harrass by his girlfriend. I think the best thing to do is not to buy a house.... better think of migrate elsewhere... haiz!
I think I can ask him to give me the lamps as a gift now lah... I dun think I wanna move to stay in his apartment, I dun wanna be disturb by his girlfriend... I have had enough tragedy... I dun wanna be drama queen lah, pls~

Monday, May 4, 2009

A day trip to Zoo

Went for a day trip to Matang Wild Life Centre with parents, sisters, my 2 lil monsters & members of Tai Chi Association. There were around 45 of us, majority are grandpa & grandma. It was such an enjoyable & fun trip. This is the 1st time ever in my life, i ride on bus and went for a trip with parents. It was a sunny sunny day, so... i sweated like i just came out from shower...

This is the map of the Zoo.. SOB SOB! climbing staircase up and down.

Monkey Daddy and his 3 monkeys daughter ^_^

There were not much animals to see.. only deer, monkeys , porcuppine, Orang Utan & etc, its more like a hiking trip to me ^_^ S-L-I-M Mission!