Friday, September 25, 2009

Single or attached?

I heard from radio mix myfm this morning, discussing on whether you prefer to be single or attached?

Most of the women who called in, prefers to be attached, they feels that being single is too lonely... no one's to care, no one's to discuss with, no one's to share their sorrow, no one's to talk to, no one's to share their piece of cakes, no shoulder to cry on......

For me, sometimes, I think I rather be single lah... Its really not an easy task to maintain a relationship.

Just imagine... 2 different species from 2 different planet.....

How about u?


jen said...

i was listening to mix breakfast too, hehe.

when you're single, the only thing you farn about is when you'll get to meet your mr. right

when you're attached, there are more things to farn

don't have it farn, have it lagi farn

[SK] said...

as long as you are happy, then being single or attached really doesn't come into mind right?? :)

Jerry said...

Single or Double .. That's what i'm trying to say that time... I'm still wondering wondering and wondering..~~

Joanna Tang said...

Jen:True true! give me 5!!!!

SK:Ya,fully agreed!!

Jerry:So,u still wondering now lah!!