Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh my goodness...

Geram..... I dreamt of my ex-bf again last nite... makes me mentally and physically so restless...

I dreamt that he brought me to a resort... (our best ever memories was at the resort)

We strolled at the beach, he hold my hands so tightly that he promised that he'll never let go of my hands again, begging me to give him a last chance.... of course, I feel so insecure lah, as he has abandoned me before mah... moreover, I still hasn't recover from the pain that he caused previously..

He brought me to the same seafood restaurant that we used to visit, finally... stoopit me.. really gave him a chance boh... then u know lah... wah! so loving loh, lying on his shoulder.... all the sweet talk lah..then, middle of the dinner, he suddenly disappear.... I tried to call him, but seems like I couldn't recall his mobile number anymore, I can't even find his record in my phone directory too... at the end, he appear, he told me that he decided to leave me again... shit shit shit..

I told him, this time I sure die... so damn heartache..

Then, alarm ring, time to wake up to work... shit!

So damn tired, dragging my feet to office tis morning, so damn restless, like running for thousand miles chasing after my ex-bf... damn!!!

Ever since, he ring me on the phone... I become so mentally unstable... LOVE KILLS!


A Common Singaporean said...

I can understand your agony.

My interpretation would be you still have some desire in working out something with him again. I could be wrong, just my thoughts.

Perhaps you just have to let this go for a while, at least for the weekend, and go chill out with friends, hang out with family or something, keep yourself occupied with activities, and hopefully things will go back to normal.

You have a good weekend.

Joanna Tang said...

A common singaporean:Ya,I need a chill,will go clubbing with gang of friends tonite,till our pant drop..haha!

Josephine said...

be strong!
Dont look back, your future is bright!
Tomorrow will be a better day!

jen said...

gee, what a nightmare. love sucks!
don't be tempted even if he calls ok :) i'm sure you'll find a more responsible and loving man.

have a super nice weekend!

Shingo T said...

Somehow, long dreams make us tired the next day. It's as if we really were a active part on the dream.

Joanna Tang said...

Jo:But, seems like at my age, its quite difficult to find my Mr Right..majority of them are much more younger than me..haiz!

Jen:Unbelievable... my quiet & obedient colleague is actually super clubbing! really enjoy a lot going with her..

Shingo T:yalah, after wake up ah, whole bodyache..