Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daddy call!

Its being quite sometimes, I didn't update my blog, had been busy with daddy lately and trying to squeeze time to sort out all my things which scatter all around in my new house... headache!

While drafting my blog just now, suddenly, I received phone call from daddy, he told me he falled on the floor and my sister couldn't afford to carry him up... I was so shocked and quickly rush back.

When I reached home, he was lying at the entrance of the toilet, my goodness! I quickly asked and checked with him, if he knocked on his head or anywhere... luckily not.

We carried him up on to the bed and thanks God, nothing serious happen.

Most importantly, I know God is always there for us, to guide and protect us. Amen.


動 Orson said...

at least ur daddy can call him ok now?

Joanna Tang said...

Orson:Hi, thx for visiting my blog. Ya, thx god, he is fine.

Leu said...

oh my~ hope he is fine

Joanna Tang said...

Leu:I'm so mentally and physically exhausted..sometimes, just feel wanna hide in the corner and had a good cry..