Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visit to GH

I went to visit Chris yesterday nite at general hospital, she supposed to schedule for an operation yesterday morning, but due to the congestion, her operation has been postponed to the following day evening.

I just came to realise that Kuching General Hospital is expanding to such a huge area. I nearly lost my way in there... imagine... lost in hospital.. hehe!

Somemore, got frighten by the lift... watch too much horror movie... at 1st, I thought the lift got automated sensor lighting mah, which means, only when got ppl enter the lift, then the lighting will turn ON, I was actually a bit scare to enter the lift all by myself, but at that moment... only me alone loh... so no choice must enter... the moment when the door was 1/2 closed, i realised how come the lighting was not ON yet oh, I suddenly so shocked like a mad dog, without second thought, i terus rush out banging the 2 semi closed door... the moment I rush out ah, I saw got 2 uncles, who were just happens to pass by got shocked too, they thought i met HANTU! so humiliating lah! so ah, if you are not brave enough ah, dun go visiting at the GH at nite lah... or maybe, just me, I'm too chicken~_~

The moment, when i reached my sister's ward, i was already mentally and physically exhausted.. in a way, I look more like a patient than my sister do.

I saw a lot of patients, can see that they are so suffering... I suddenly feel that life are so fragile and short, we should learn to treasure and cherish every moment we have now. At least, its a blessing from God, that we are healthy today.

So, friend who likes clubbing, better stop smoking and drinking lah, nobody wanna ends like that, right? learn to take care of our health... life are short, should locate our time for more meaningful things.. U agree or not?



what happened to chris?

Joanna Tang said...

Family First:Women's problem..

J.H said...

hope your dear sister get well soon!

[SK] said...

yeah, i don't like and is a little backed off to go into hospitals - for the same reason you have..

MeRy said...

Hope ur sis will get well soon!!

Joanna Tang said...

J.H:thx dear, she seems to recover quite well.


MeRy:thx dear, she can go shopping already last sat.. haha!

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

Oh yeah, nowadays General Hospital in those big cities is quite huge... I hope they will expand their expertise as well as hardware facilities!