Thursday, December 24, 2009

Uncle's 70th birthday dinner at The Banquet

I was invited to my uncle's 70th birthday dinner last night at The Banquet.

My mum was so happy, as she rarely has the chance to meet all the brothers, as some of them staying abroad. Some stays in Hong Kong, some stays in Canada, and some in ulu ulu... hehe!

As you can imagine, the elderly were all busy chatting about their past, whereas, we...the younger group trying so hard to snap as many beautiful pics as we can... hahaha! Since, we seldom got the chance to meet each other mah...

Merry X'mas

Merry merry christmas to all of you, who comes visit my blog..

I'll be celebrating X'mas and countdown with my adorable colleagues at our office. We'll be having potluck and gift exchange, of course maybe some card games or etc.

Will updates our photos if there is any interesting 1.. Merry merry christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dine at Soulis

Was invited to dinner at Soulis, France Restaurant last nite. Never know that there is such a high class restaurant at downtown Kuching here boh! Maybe, me too sakai lah!

It was such a pleasant dinner experience, the waitress and chef treated us like we are the Royal Highness... I thought it only show in the movie... Walau! It's real woh! Aiyoh! I nearly forgot wat's my surname already lah! haha! As long as I'm not the one who foot the bill lah!!! So bad me ah!

Here are some partial photos I taken, missed out some of the dishes... sorry lah! when i see the dish ah, totally forgotten wanna take photo already... can't wait to swallow everything in liao!

All their plates, cutlery, table napkin and bla bla... all printed with the name SOULIS... wow! Imagine how much $$$ they dumb in for the business...

DNA office warming

I was busy for the passed weeks for our office warming on 18 December 2009, such a memorable nite, Finally, its all over!!!! but, we really enjoyed ourselves eating, chatting, joking, playing games and bla bla bla..

Laughed like there is no tomorrow!!! hehe!

Here are some interesting and craziest photos we took during the nite.. totally forgetting our reputation already... *_*

Our 1 and only English trainee here from England...

Our weirdo hangover, losing continuously on 1 of the game... kena punished... haha!

Our unique pose welcoming guest... *_^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My office!!

We finally moved to our newly refurbished office, it's more like a home to us… We have flat screen TV in our living room, dining room, library area, bbq pit and courtyard... Envy leh!!! Hehe!!! Will follow up with some fantastic photos after our office warming on 18 December 2009 ya.

A new task for me again… cracking my head for the ordering of food, rsvp.. blab blab blab!!!!!

Since, Christmas is around the corner, we are so in the mood to decorate our 1st ever x’mas tree for our office.

Oh ya!!! Did uou realise that I cut short my hair again... shorter and shorter... (Suit me or not ^_*)