Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oreo Muffin

So great, its school holiday now, I can sleep late.. wake up late... time for baking.... hurray!

I got this recipe from a friend of mine, Karen. I falled in love with it, when she passed me some to try. She says that I'm the only weird 1 to have love this oreo muffin... yamah! b'cos, I'm special mah! (Vormit!) hehe!

I love it, when it's fresh from oven... yummy~ yummy~

Monday, August 24, 2009


Mabel, me and mola met up for lunch last friday, we are ex-colleagues, known each other for 12 years, until today our relationship still go strong, still contacting each other, teasing each other, gasak each other... thats what real friends are for, right! hehe! We enjoyed a great great lunch at Planet Sambal, Padungan. Bill insisted to food by our dear rich taukeneo, Mabel.. hehe! I told her, should have it at Hilton Hotel mah, the most expensive 1.

Mola is the youngest among us, she has a very warm heart, always willing to accommodate what people request... everything also ok! She's always there to listen to my sorrow, she even cried with me, when I am sad... nothing can express how grateful I am to have her as my friend. I love u, momo! ^_^ I promised, I'll always be there too for you, when you needs me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The most scenic moment

Recently, I love to take photo on myself... to retain the most scenic moment mah... getting older day by day... if not now, then when? aged 50, 60...ah! by that time, gotta use a lot of photoshop loh ^_^

Some of my friends asked me, if i have done photoshop on the photos.... huh! really look so different from the real person meh? (cry!!!)

For your info, I just taken my above photos yesterday lah! dun puzzle, not 10 years back 1 lah *_* I swear!!!! ~_~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a bad day!

I bumped into my ex mother in law at Kenyalang market this morning.. it was like bumping into horrible ghost at 12 midnite. I was having my breakfast with friends at 2nd floor food stall. I think she must have saw me first before I saw her lah... She intentionally stand behind me and shouted at dunno who... then, when i turn around... oh my! shit! Its her... my friends were also shocked to see her, as she has such a heavy make up... super red blusher, blue eyes shadow and super super red lip... she's damn proud of herself 1, u know! She remark herself that she has got the most translucent complexion.

I really can't forget how she tortured and humiliated me during my past 11 years marriage. She makes me knee down on the floor to wash her clothing, while I am 6-7 months pregnant. She makes me wash her soiled panties, sometimes, even with shit and urine... U know! as daughter in law, I never deserve to have the share for the chicken thigh or good food. It's only reserve for the emperor and queen in the family... Whenever I am out dining with friends, by any chance there is fried chicken wing, I will start puzzling whether can i take the wing or not? My past still shadowing me...

The most unbearable memory is... she loves to sprinkle salt and vinegar to taunt the son to whack me... She claimed that during her times, her mother in law can have the authority to smack their daughter in law, if they dun take instruction correctly... TRY ME LAH! shit!

Believe it or not? my ex-husband never subsidize me even a single cent for household nor milk powder for our kids. Moreover, I am requested to buy grocery every beginning of the month, the reason is, I am staying under their bloody roof...

Every saturday, I even have to cook for all the brothers, sisters, brother in law, sister in law, cat & dog, around 18 of them. U know, they never willing to come a bit early to help up... always come right on the dot, sometimes, even while I still cooking, they already sit their butt down and enjoying the meal, I feel myself like an Indonesian housemaid... After they finished their meal, they will normally just lift their butt and move to the living room, while I have to do the cleaning and washing.

When i think of my past, I really sallute myself for been able to go through the harsh pace...

I managed to divorce him with a help from a closed friend. (Thanks, TP... I'm grateful) We have joint custody over the 2 kids, but... wat's the different, kids are always under my full care... he is fully occupied for his own wild nite life...

So, ladies... think, observe, see, feel, sense the man, before you marry them... of course, not everyone of them are evil, but prevention is better than treatment, right! Maybe, I'm the only unlucky 1.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

arbitrary updates

I have been quite busy lately, typically because.. I'll be leaving this job.

I feel a bit sorry that I abruptly leave this job, out of guilt, I facilitate my boss to shortlist and interview the suited candidates to fill my post.

This is the first time in my life, I carry myself as an interviewer. Aiyoh! Its not easy at all to interview people too ya. You have to be more firm than them, gotta have lots of lots of creative ideal questions to ask...

Maybe, I fret too much for the next person who's gonna take over me... Will she be able to cope and handle whatever situation? Though, I know it's not my ultimate responsibilities...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Insurance gang

These are my insurance gang, from left is Emily (sweet single & available!), Uncle Eric (jokey! ^_^), June(superwoman!) and ME!

This photos was taken on the creepy nite out drinking session at June's mansion... which later makes chicken ME, mag and peggy flew home like thunder... after listened to the ghost June.

Recent progress

I wish I can have more than 24hrs a day now, life become more meaningful and interesting recently, out of sticking my butt here in the office for 8hrs, I also attend my insurance training course at least 2 times a week, coach by my insurance manager at her mansion.

Previously, I was pretty forbia towards insurance agent, I think they are monster.. haha! but, after the courses, and the incident happened to my dad, I realised it is so vital to have a insurance coverage.

Take my daddy's incident as an example, merely because, we couldn't afford to bear the sky high medical cost at the specialist, we send daddy to general hospital and they kept him waited for 5 hours. Their fantastic excuse is... he is just a semi-urgent case... Stroke due to rupture of vessels at the brain is considering semi-urgent case??? then what is top-urgent case... dying??

If daddy would had bought a medical card at the earlier time, he might not obtain such a big impact on his health now...

Currently, me and my sister have to bear the overall family expenditures, of course, we don't mind, but we have limit capability too, we have our own family to support mah...

My dad is a very dutiful man, he passed his every single earned cents to my mum, but my mum had a very wrong concept... she thinks life is short, end of the world is coming, no point for saving... I don't mean to criticize my mum here, but... its really b'cos of her wrong concept, she leave us daughters in the deep shit now... of course, every month, we do contribute for the household, but now, we have to contribute double...

By that, I realise it's so important to purchase an insurance policy, either saving, hospitalization, critical illness or total permanent disable plan. I don't want my kids to suffer over my medical fee, nursing fee nor cremation fee...

I rather strink on my uneeded expenses, to pay for my insurance, which will gonna benefit me or my kids, with just a premium as low as RM8 a day.

At least today, I'm sure, if anything gonna happen to me, my kids will not ended up under the bridge... with the compensation, they can be well taking care of until age 18.

Insurance agents nowadays are not like old days, they have to attend courses, pass their examination, in order to have their individual license to sell.

I have passed my exam for life and general ^_^, but got another investment link 1 to take...gotta stick my face and stuck my head on the book again...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving on.....

I finally made up my mind to move on, after sticking my butt here for almost 2 years.

My current job here is actually not too bad, all my friends so envy me that I have a cosy office of my own and yet not much work to do. The main issue is, I hardly got the chance to ultilise my brain.

I think life should be full of challenge and enthusiasm, we should able to maximize our potential.

I am looking forward to my new job, new environment, new group of friends, new colleagues, new job scope, new responsibilities... I love the feeling of achievement...

Instead of kuku here alone 8 hours a day...(Brain dead!)

Wish me good luck ya, friend!

Kinder Bueno

I never fancy on tit-bit....but, recently ah... Madly in love with this Kinder Bueno chocolate... somemore, not cheap lah, selling at RM3.50/packet.

My uncle from miri lah, the culprit... he came last month to visit my dad, then bought me a dozen of this kinder Bueno from Ta Kiong Supermarket, The Spring... Never try never know, sekali try.. die hard.. everyday got the urge wanna eat it! Haha! Thx, Uncle! for bringing love to my life ^_*

Ladies and gentlemen out there, must try... Its really really nice lah.