Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AIA Annual Dinner.. FUN!!

Attended my AIA annual dinner at Four Point Hotel, Kuching on 26 March 2010, so coincidentally, it was my ex-bf birthday too.. the most sorrow day in my life... It harked back the damn sweet yet infuriating memories, sing him birthday song, blow cake.... (damn!!!) Forget about him!!!

It was such an enjoyable dinner.. We won the best costume of the night.. carrying the title 'SEXY BABES/MAID'.

We snapped a lot of photos of our gang, dancing on the stage, cat walk on the stage, posing on the stage, posing everywhere every corner.. haha!! majority posted at my facebook ^_^

Spare some here for your pleasure..hehe!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Live on happily everyday as last day..

My dear ladies friends, tis is a very crucial question...

If you are detected to have breast, uterus or cervical cancer... do u have sufficient fund to go for surgery, kimo, re-construct, treatment or etc? or maybe, you'll be thinking.. I'm trying to sell insurance here, but tis is facts of life... I share b'cos I care...

I heard the experience with my own ears and saw it with my own eyes, a friend of mine, was detected to have breast cancer at stage 2... the moment when the doctor annouced the bad news to her, she didn't cry nor feel sad, she faced it calmly... (How many of us can face it calmly like her?)

Today, she still struggle to live her life happily, she takes everyday as her last day... I salute her braveness and her positive minded...

Of course, she spend lots of money on her surgery, kimo and treatment... so, if you are not under insurance coverage? either u'll be queuing up at the hospital until the cancer gets spread or killing urself slowly by sadness, worries...fear....

So, wat's the big deal of $5 a day to have protection on all that??

This is the picture we took couple of hours ago, she showed us that the doctor installed a kimo-pod on her chest for kimo-jec.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Achieved 1st goal in life..

Since yesterday, I promised myself that I wanna be positive minded.. and I do.. I force myself to remember so hard until.... the next morning when i wake up.....I can't recall the venue and time for breakfast with Carol... pening pening!!!! At the end, gotta call Carol and check with her again...

I took 1/2 afternoon leave today, to have lunch with Carol & Ah Siew at The Hill.. It's so hard to date Ah Siew out for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's like striking toto... so, whenever she can make it, dun bother breakfast, lunch, supper, tea break or dinner, we'll just go and hantam saja... haha!!! Carol always said, tis Ah Siew only appear once in a blue moon... whenever we meet up, we'll have lots to talk... from the sky to the hell, from the top to the bottom, we can talk about everything and anything... She's a very interesting lady, she filled our life with joy and laughter...

After we had our lunch, we proceed to have coffee with June and Ida at Bing, another session of jokes and of course, thats where I achieved my 1st goal in life... but, it's also for the good sake of my friend...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Goal in life..

I went to attend follow up for Law of Attraction, was greatly motivated.

On the past, I was so negative thinking... very optimistic... lack of self-confidence...

I always hope to have a better life and a better future... always think think only lah!!!

Today, I wanna step my feet down... I JOANNA from tis dot, I will success, I will have everything I dream for.

Korea and Japan, Single storey Semi-D, $100,000.00, retirement fund, good life companion, I'm coming!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another step ahead to new hair cut

Never cut my hair tis short before... I wonder I'll go more shorter again... hehe!!

The society is sick

Met my ex-college mate this morning. Actually, previously met her a few times, but only recently realised she slim down a lot...

As women, u know lah.. sure wanna ask for the slimming remedy loh! but, too bad, the remedy is... to get DIVORCED!

It's so sad to hear that... the society is sick, terribly sick...

Most of my friends are also facing marriage problem now, affair... communication problem... kids' problem.. all sort of problems..

Can't MAN just be more patience and faithful to their wife or gf?
Or is it our own problem? Not loving enough? not tolerate enough? not obedient enough?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Simple dish!!

It's boring to eat out everyday, decided to cook some simple dish for dinner.

Though, it doesn't looks tempting, but tasted very nice o! ^_*

Vitamin A - Z..hehe!