Monday, May 11, 2009

Sexy Belly Dance!!

Last friday, I went to Scoop to see a belly dance show, per ticket is RM25 for a scope of gelato and 1 glass of red wine, not kick enough leh...haha! It was indeed an interesting experience, as its only for ladies's eyes... The lady dancer was so sexy and seducing, I was throughly attracted by her dance, eventhough I'm not a male species ~_~ Her shape was so proportionate... so, I make up my mind, I wanna learn belly dance too...hehe!


Sorry ah! the video was not so clear on certain part, as it was a bit dark there.



Wah! Kuching ice-cream parlour also got belly dancers ah! So keng!

Joanna Tang said...

Family first:yalah! so keng oh! i watch with my mouth widely open..hehe! kena seduced by the dancer..

eugene said...

go and learn belly dancing if it really makes you happy,,,, life's short they say, dont let it slip away, who knows one day you will become the best and famous belly dancer in malaysia,right?

and well done for divorcing your husband,life goes on

Joanna Tang said...

Eugene:Hi! Thx for visiting my blog.. Aiyoh! too old to become a famous belly dancer lah.. hehe! just purely for health ^_^

jorden said...

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