Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can couple becomes friends?

Can really a couple becomes normal friend after broke off?

As you know, me and my bf broke off months ago, but he'll still call me occasionally.. Stoopit me! still wish that he'll call, still miss to hear his voice, still wish to know how is he getting on now..

Eventhough, I always deem that I hates him for he has abandoned me.. internally, I still wish that he is happy, healthy and alive.

If you ask me, do I still miss him? Is the pain still unbearable? Yes, yes... can't deny. The pain is still there... and of course, provided that I dun spread salt on it lah... whenever, I think I miss him, or something trigger me to miss him, I'll still cry my lung out, But I'll pray to God, learn to rely on to God, for he will never abandon me nor hurt my heart.

I started to learn to dress well and be more sociable recently, I wish I can be a whole new ME!

Looking forward to my damai puri trip with family & friends this coming weekend. U know ah! My friend's hubby suggested me to roll on the beach like bollywood star, so that he can help me to snap the photo and paste it on my blog.. (Is that the way to celebrate that I am back to single life ah?) hehe!

This trip, I should try to walk alone at the beach, as I never try so before... for the past, he will always be there to hold my hand, lovingly stroll along the beach. I wonder if i dare to try at nite ho.. I'm scare of ghost boh! *_*

I should learn to be independent... I have to!

Wish me good luck ya, friend... I'll update my photos, once I am back after the Gawai holiday next wednesday.
Happy advance Gawai, friend.


Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

haha... welcome back to single! Enjoy being that! Enjoy the freedom!

Joanna Tang said...

Towards healthy & leisure life: #_#
gotta learn lah!

~LeuMaS~ said...

hey joanna, u r jst human! human do have complicated feelings... dun force urself to stop thinking something too much...but do take care of urself and ur kid :)

btw, i changed link

[SK] said...

you've pour in lots of love, and it will need some time for you to collect them back.. trust me, if there's no hatred, love can always turn into friendship.. :)

Jerry said...

Hmm, it does hurts a little, but I believe sooner or later u'll start to think of him lesser and lesser... Then u'll find another person to replace him ^^

Joanna Tang said...

LeuMas:Ya, thx for ur encouragement ^_^

SK:but, dun u find its hard & weird, somebody who is so close to,yet.. later become normal friend..especially when he mentioned that he went out with his ex-gf, its like slashing me with a knife lah.. damn...

Jerry:I really dun have the confidence lah... so scare & forbia already..

jen ® said...

it's normal and you will be okay soon, time will heal your wound. trust me, i've gone thru the same. although i'm still very afraid to get into a new relationship after the previous disastrous one, i still hope to meet someone better. and no point of missing someone who doesn't care for you anymore. you gotta move on with your new life :)

Joanna Tang said...

Jen:Ya, I must... must must must! must bear in mind, i deserve someone better ya.. hehe!

eugene said...

dont worry what lost be well be just blessing disguise.

you know you got a good heart,some will curse the ex till death after the break up,but you didnt do that,,,

hope all joy and love coming your way

J.H said...

Yes, I believe you can be normal friends again with your bf one day. I had to broke up with my bf too because of family disapproval. But here we are, 10 years later, still in good term, past are sweet memories for me to remember. I even end up marrying someone else :-)

Joanna Tang said...

Eugene:Thx, I really wish I can overcome it and start on a new life.

J.H:Ya, maybe... but currently, I find it really hard loh.. Its pricking me all the time..

LittleLamb said...

Happy Holiday..Good to relax ur mind.