Monday, March 15, 2010

Goal in life..

I went to attend follow up for Law of Attraction, was greatly motivated.

On the past, I was so negative thinking... very optimistic... lack of self-confidence...

I always hope to have a better life and a better future... always think think only lah!!!

Today, I wanna step my feet down... I JOANNA from tis dot, I will success, I will have everything I dream for.

Korea and Japan, Single storey Semi-D, $100,000.00, retirement fund, good life companion, I'm coming!!!


Shingo T said...

I'm a firm believer in the Law of Attraction too. And it's been working well for me.

Just a word of advice.

While it's easy to get motivated from speakers and books, Law of Attraction must be followed through with implementation, and not just thinking that it will happen.

Nonetheless, have fun and good luck!

Joanna Tang said...

Shingo T:Ya, thanks for your advise.. learning and practising now, it works quite well at the starting point, & I managed to achieve something today..