Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AIA Annual Dinner.. FUN!!

Attended my AIA annual dinner at Four Point Hotel, Kuching on 26 March 2010, so coincidentally, it was my ex-bf birthday too.. the most sorrow day in my life... It harked back the damn sweet yet infuriating memories, sing him birthday song, blow cake.... (damn!!!) Forget about him!!!

It was such an enjoyable dinner.. We won the best costume of the night.. carrying the title 'SEXY BABES/MAID'.

We snapped a lot of photos of our gang, dancing on the stage, cat walk on the stage, posing on the stage, posing everywhere every corner.. haha!! majority posted at my facebook ^_^

Spare some here for your pleasure..hehe!!


Chris said...

wa!! u gals look vogue.

Joanna Tang said...

Chris:Hehe! Thanks..

Chris said...