Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am wrong!!!!

Silly me still choose to believe that he left, b'cos he doesn't want me to suffer with him...

Finally, received the news from a friend of mine that he actually visited his house on the 2nd day of chinese new year, he says that my ex-bf are doing great, of course having a perfect happy family life with 2 adorable kids and humble wife.

But, in the other hand, he also has a gf too, who's in age 20+, young, radiant & sexy.

His bullshit promises still strongly carved in my mind, I remember he'll always look into my eyes and sweared that I'm his last women... even if I'm 6ft under.

I wonder how many women he sweared the moon to, I feel sorry to his new gf, as she'll be the next victim like me, I wish she can overcome it. I wish she can never end up like me... still shadowing by all his fucking promises...

I always believe, wat goes around, comes around...

Good luck to u & all the best, TP.

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