Monday, April 11, 2011

Wat a misfortune day!!!

Having such an unpleasant days.... I felt wreathed about the way things had turned out for my best friend. She has been trying so hard to keep her marriage alive, but.. too bad, the husband is a total physchotic... He even accusing me for ruin their marriage.. moreover, he log in to his wife's fb and leave an awful comment on my fb wall, wtf!! The worst part is... he has been spreading faux statement against me... wat an idiot... pissed off with those silly man (not mentioning all man lah!), who never wanna admit their own mistake, but keep blaming others for their own failure... suckssss.... For goodness sake, I use to advise my friend to give in, eventhough, it's not her fault, I still pursuading her to be more patience with him, and this is how he think I am... I have had it enough, and that is... I dun wanna f*** care anymore...

Well, when a person is having bad tide of the day, bad luck will follow suit.. I caught in car accident again, partially is my fault too lah... I know I should not make the turn at the junction, but.. everyone of us who live here does that mah! (wat an excuse ~_~) at the end, butt got kiss loh... it costs me around $1k to repair, the other party promise to pay 1/2 of the repairing fee, but I have yet to receive the $$.... hopefully he won't fool me..
Received an sms from one of my friend's husband, asking me whereabout is his wife? Wat is that to do with me again?? How do I know where his wife is??? obviously, she's making use of my name to do something funny behind... Excuse me... if you wanna do something funny, think of other ways, not ruin your friend reputation here... I am sucks enough... I dun wanna be so kind hearted anymore...
Wat an unpleasant day of mine... shoo shoo~

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